DevOps Training for Testers

PRO COURSE Live: $349 | Video Only: $249

Master the core ideas, tools, and configurations used in today’s software development and continuous integration.

As part of our SDET Development & Training Series, course is designed introduce and expose automation testers to the latest technology trends in the software development industry. Course will cover the core ideas, tools, and configurations used in today’s software development.

Beginning with Agile and continuous integration / continuous deployment concepts, attendees will learn how to apply these principals with tools like Docker, while working with Jenkins and Ansible. Then we will provide practical handson case studies and applying DevOps.

Attendees will have enhanced their working knowledge of developing, testing, and deploying software in today’s Agile environment and collaborating with key players throughout the software delivery process.


Day 1 - Introduction to DevOps & Agile

Day 2 - Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Day 3 - Microservices & Infrastructure as Code

Day 4 - Benefits of DevOps & DevOps Tools

Day 5 - Overview of Docker

Day 6 - Overview of Jenkins

Day 7 - Overview of Ansible

Day 8 - Practical Case Study

DevOps Training for Testers

Live Training $349 | Video Only: $249

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