DevOps Training

Master Technologies such as Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Git and Jenkins, Learn DevOps Culture, Automation, Monitoring and Sharing (CAMS) priciples. Master the core ideas, tools, and configurations used in today’s software development and continuous integration.

As part of our SDET Development & Training Series, DevOps for Testers course is designed introduce and expose automation testers to the DevOps practices that help reduce the gap between software development and software operation. Course will cover the core ideas, tools, and configurations used in today’s software development.

Beginning with Agile and continuous integration / continuous deployment concepts, attendees will learn the importance of DevOps in today’s development world, as well become familiar with the well known components of the DevOps system such as Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Genkins and even Git. You will also learn principles such as containerization, version tracking, instant provisioning and so much more. Then we will provide practical hands-on case studies and applying DevOps.

Attendees will have enhanced their working knowledge of developing, testing, and deploying software in today’s Agile environment and collaborating with key players throughout the software delivery process.


Day 1 - Introduction to DevOps & Agile

Day 2 - Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Day 3 - Virtuliazation, Microservices & Infrastructure as Code

Day 4 - Benefits of DevOps & Tools: Git, Jenkins, Vagrant

Day 5 - Configuration Management with Ansible

Day 6 - Overview of Jenkins & Build Pipeline

Day 7 - Overview of Docker and Containerization

Day 8 - Practical Case Study

DevOps Training

Live Training

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Topics Covered

  • Installation of the required softwares
  • Introduction and Goals
  • DevOps - SDLC
  • Discussing Developing Software and Delivering it to the Customer
  • Pre-DevOps - Software Development and Deployment Processes
  • What is DevOps and why there is a need for DevOps
  • Organizational PAIN, Breaking the Silos, Discussing WASTE
  • Identifying Knowledge, Waiting, Motion, Over-Production, Transportation and INventory Waste
  • Changing Culture, Empowerment, Accountability
  • Understanding DevOps Build and Release Pipeline
  • Automationg DevOps Process through Continuous Integration
  • DevOps Automation Triggering Productivity
  • Agile Practice - The Fire-Hose of Application Development
  • IT is more Agile with DevOps
  • Micro-services, REST Service API architecture
  • Source Control Management with GIT
  • Configuration Management
  • Tooling in DevOps
  • Introduction to Provisioning with Vagrant and Ansible
  • YAML, Inventory File and Playbooks
  • Benefits of Infrastructure as Code - IAC
  • Docker, The Dockerfile, Docker Swarm
  • Principles and Benefits of CI and CD
  • CI and CD Build Pipeline Automated Workflow with Jenkins

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