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Become an in-demand software testing professional. Learn the latest skills in software development and automation testing and start a new career!

We have helped thousands prepare for jobs in software development. You can do it too!

SDET Beginner Track | 3 Courses

SDET Advanced Track | 4 Courses

Career Planning + Preparation

Job placement assistance - Mock Interviews/Resume Prep*

SDET Pro Track | 6 Courses

Career Planning + Preparation

Job placement assistance - Mock Interviews/Resume Prep

SDET Smart - Super Pack| 6 Courses

Certificates of Completion

Career Planning + Preparation

Job placement assistance - Mock Interviews/Resume Prep

Starting a new career is POSSIBLE! We know. We have trained thousands of individuals and helped them find jobs as SDETs.

  • Live training in today's hottest testing tools
  • Qualified certificates upon completion
  • Possibly find work upon completion of program with our esteem clients*

Now is the time to make the change. And we know how to help people. We've done it with thousands of individuals, we can do it with you!

Resume and Interview Prep along with Job Orientation guidance - after your training, we invite you to join us for a mock/real-time prep kinda job orientation.

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TrainingRite is America's Most Successful Automated Software Testing Training Providers We specialize in training and developing software testers in functional and performance testing with 95% hands-on practical training.

Our objective is to train you not only to get a high paying job but to keep you continuosly employed and that happens with you acquiring cutting-edge skills. And that's where TrainingRite excels!

We constantly feel the pulse of the market and see what's trending and teach you highly marketable skills. Enroll in our career track and leave the rest to us. WE WILL PREPARE YOU FOR THE MARKET, PERIOD!

In this FAST moving market, it has become highly imperative to keep up with marketable skills. Our career tacks does just that, it prepares you for what's HOT in the industry.

SDET Beginner Track

3 Courses + Career Planning
QA Manual Testing
QTP/UFT Basic Training
Java for Testers

*Recommended path; courses can be exchanged

SDET Advanced Track

4 Courses + Career Planning
Java for Testers
Selenium & Cucumber
SoapUI / ReadyAPI
JMeter Performance Testing

*Recommended path; courses can be exchanged.

SDET Pro Track

6 Courses + Career Planning
Java for Testers
Selenium & Cucumber
SoapUI / ReadyAPI
JavaScript Frameworks Testing
JMeter Performance Testing

AWS for Testers
*Recommended path; courses can be exchanged.

SDET Smart - Super Track

6 Courses + Career Planning
Core Java
Selenium Web Driver, TDD, BDD & Continuous Integration
JavaScript Framework Testing - Angular Jasmine Karma Chai and Protractor
DevOps for Testers
AWS for Testers
Big Data for Testers
Data Science for Testers

*Recommended path; courses can be exchanged.

  • Live courses in software testing
  • Certificates upon completion of program
  • Dedicated guidance counselor
  • Career planning and resume help
  • Opportunity for job placement

Benefits of the Career Track Program

Live Classes


Guidance Counselor

Career Planning

SDET Smart Track - Super Pack
6 Course Program

Master the hottest technologies in today's automated and data-driven software development. Enroll in our 6-course program and gain practical skills to impress your next hiring manager!

JavaScript Frameworks for Testers

Use the popular frameworks like Angular, Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor to test web applications.

Data Science for Testers

Leverage data insights to develop robust machine learning and AI algorithms and build predictive models.

AWS for Testers

Learn Amazon Web Services and cloud computing services with VM, and NoSQL to create real-world solutions.

Big Data for Testers

Handle large amounts of information with Apache Hadoop core technologies, MongoDB, and NoSQL databases.

DevOps for Testers

Understand how to implement Agile practices and streamline development with Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Vagrant.

TDD, BDD & Continuous Integration

Implement test-driven development with Selenium and write Gherkin feature files for behavior-driven development.

The SDET Pro Track
Software Development Engineer in Test
6 Courses

Learn everything you need to know about software delivery and software testing. Distinguish yourself and diversify your skills with deep, hands-on experience in three automated testing courses.

Java for Testers

Foundations of Programming

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance
  • Algorithms, Control Statements & Classes, Objects, Constructors
  • Collections Framework & Generics, Threading & Multi-threading and MORE......

Selenium & Cucumber

Functional Testing

  • Web Automation Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Behavior-Driven Development

SoapUI / ReadyAPI

Web Service Testing

  • SOA Architecture
  • Groovy Scripting
  • REST Service API Testing
  • Data-Driven Testing


Performancing Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Java Database Connectivity
NOTE: Though this is the preferred choice of courses, however you are free to take any 6 courses of your liking/need.