QTP / UFT Basic Training

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Master the techniques involved in writing functional test cases using VB scripting and various testing fameworks.

In this course, you’ll learn advanced level VB Scripting and gain the critical skills you need to test your web applications, you’ll also create, manage and customize data-driven, Keyword and Hybrid framework solution. We will cover the latest version of UFT

Learn and master automation testing tools using the HOTTEST tool in the industry today, you’ll learn right from the beginning and master how to write test cases, test plans, perform parametrization of test data by connecting to external data source like XML data document/excel sheets and databases. Don’t let this valuable opportunity pass you by.


Day 1 - Preparing the Testing Enviroment & QTP

Day 2 - Learning VBScript

Day 3 - Creating Data-Driven Testing

Day 4 - Parameterization with DataTable

Day 5 - Learning XML

Day 6 - Keyword-Driven & Hybrid-Driven Frameworks

Day 7 - Database Testing (RDBMS, MS Access, SQL Server)

Day 8 - Bugs & Reporting

UFT / QTP Basic Training

Live Training $299 | Video Only: $199

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QTP / UFT Basic & Advanced Training

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Topics Covered

  • Introduction To Automation
  • Fundamentals of Quick Test Professional (QTP)
  • Overview of a typical QTP process
  • What do we mean by Objects (properties/methods)?
  • Using Object Spy to explore Test Objects attributes
  • Concepts of Object Repository and Shared Object Repositories
  • Debugging in QTP ( Breakpoints, Variables, Single Step Execution )
  • Understanding, Modifying the QTP setting ( Record & Run-Time ) settings
  • Learning Programming Skills using VBScript
  • Msgbox, Inputbox and Print Logs
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Creating & Associating Function Libraries
  • Creating & Associating Shared Object Repositories
  • Creating a Data Driven Test
  • Parameterization of Data (DataTable)
  • Excel to DataTable Parameterization
  • Learning XML ( ENVIRONMENT variables )
  • Sharing information in a script
  • Introduction to Descriptive Programming
  • More Techniques in developing a Data Driven Test using DP
  • Building data driven framework to test an applicationcation end to end
  • Building Keyword driven framework to test an application end to end
  • Building Hybrid framework to test an application end to end
  • Error/Bug reporting in Framework
  • Customizing messages using the Reporter object
  • What is File System Object (FSO) and how do we use it in QTP
  • Customizing built-in reports using FSO and Reporter object
  • Introduction to Database Testing using Active Data Objects ADO’s
  • Connecting to RDBMS MSAccess and SQL Server Database from QTP
  • Automating manual test cases and controlling framework from excel file
  • Best practices while developing framework
  • A minimum of three (3) Applications will be tested as a part of our learning QTP in this course.

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