AWS for Testers

SMART TEST ENGINEER Live: $349 | Video Only: $249

Learn the major components of Amazon Web Services.

This AWS for Testers training is for manual and automation testers seeking to learn the major components of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

TrainingRite trained thousands of test engineers, marketers, executives, and business roles on the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services. Taking this course will help you to get AWS certified.

Attendees will learn the AWS global infrastructure, along with a detail discussion of each of the major services, focussing security in the cloud, and the various AWS pricing models.


Day 1 - Define what is Cloud computing and AWS Cloud, Describe basic AWS Cloud architectural principles and the key services on the AWS platform, What is S3 and S3-Bucket, CloudFront, EC2, Using the Command Line

Day 2 - Describe basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform and the shared security model, What is Identity Access Management (IAM), Roles, Active Directory Federation, Web Identity Federation, Load Balancer

Day 3 - AWS Databases, RDS instance, DynamoDB instance

Day 4 - Simple Queue Service SQS, Simple Notification Service SNS, Simple Workflow Service SWF

Day 5 - ElasticBeanstalk, CloudFormation

Day 6 - Route53 & DNS

Day 7 - Virtual Private Cloud VPC

Day 8 - Define the billing, account management, and pricing models

AWS Training for Testers

Live Training $349 | Video Only: $249

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Topics Covered

  • AWS - Introduction to Cloud Computing with AWS.
  • Download and install AWS CLI
  • IAM - Discussing IAM Entities. User, Group, Role. Applying Policies.
  • Setting up multiple users, assigning them to Groups
  • DEMO - AWS Account creation
  • S3 - Store and Retrieve Data
  • EC2 - What is EC2 and How to create EC2 instances.
  • VPC - Introduction to AWS Networking with VPC
  • RDS - Databases in the Cloud
  • Discussing WASTE
  • Identifying Knowledge, Waiting, Motion, Over-Production, Transportation and INventory Waste
  • Changing Culture
  • Empowerment, Accountability
  • Understanding DevOps Build and Release Pipeline
  • Automationg DevOps Process through Continuous Integration
  • DevOps Automation Triggering Productivity
  • Agile Practice - The Fire-Hose of Application Development
  • IT is more Agile with DevOps
  • Micro-services, REST Service API architecture
  • Source Control Management with GIT
  • Configuration Management
  • Tooling in DevOps
  • Introduction to Provisioning with Vagrant and Ansible
  • Benefits of Infrastructure as Code - IAC
  • Principles and Benefits of CI and CD
  • CI and CD Build Pipeline Automated Workflow with Jenkins

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