HP Quality Center Training

Video Only: $129

Today's fast-paced software delivery requires extensive knowledge in collaborate tools such as Quality Center

Delivering quality software is a mandatory requirement in today’s fast paced IT industry. Outstanding quality requires discipline, intense knowledge and everlasting commitment. HP’s Quality Center delivers a way of achieving the same. Quality Center as a test management tool systematically improve quality and raise the overall level of competency in quality management.

Our Training of Quality Center teaches you how to manage the entire testing process, from gathering user requirements to verifying production readiness, and all that can be learnt by watching our videos that will make you an expert in Quality Center.

HP Quality Center for Testers

Video Only: $129

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Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • What is Quality Center? Installing Quality Center
  • Site Administration
  • Understand the Test Management process within Quality Center
  • Logging into Quality Center
  • Quality Center Overview Quality Center Modules
  • Manage Site Administration
  • Create and maintain domains and projects
  • Manage Quality Center users, connections
  • Modify Quality Center configuration
  • Manage Project Customization
  • Customize project entities and lists
  • Set up User Groups and permissions
  • Manage Test Planning phase which includes
  • Create and manage Test Requirements
  • Create Test Plan Tree
  • Create Test Cases and Steps
  • Create and manage Test Cases
  • Execute Test Cases
  • Use and customize Reports and Graphs
  • Use and understand Version Control
  • QC and QTP integration
  • Saving Shared Object Repositories in QC from QTP
  • Saving QTP Function Libraries in QC
  • Executing QTP Tests from within QC
  • Conclusion

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