HP LoadRunner Training

PRO COURSE Live: $399 | Video Only: $299

Diversify your skills and test server performance and stress handling by learning the HP LoadRunner suite

What is Performance Testing and how to test a system under load? HP’s LoadRunner is the answer, LoadRunner is best suited for load testing, volume testing, stress testing, network performance testing, web service load testing and database performance testing.

Learn and master the HOTTEST Load testing tools being used in the industry for Performance testing, you’ll learn right from the beginning and master how to write create test cases, and perform load testing.


Day 1 - Introduction to LoadRunner & Performance Testing

Day 2 - Components & VuGen Interface

Day 3 - Learning C Programming

Day 4 - Transactions, Correlations, Parameterization

Day 5 - Web Script Actions

Day 6 - Controller Component

Day 7 - Scenarios

Day 8 - Monitoring & Reporting

HP LoadRunner

Live Training $399 | Video Only: $299

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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to LoadRunner
  • Why We Need to do Performance Testing?
  • LoadRunner Components
  • Performance Testing with LoadRunner Overview
  • Introduction to VuGen
  • Major Components of the VuGen Interface
  • Record a script in VuGen
  • Recording Options
  • Recoding Levels
  • Replaying a Basic Script
  • Different Run Time Settings
  • Different General Options
  • Script Enhancement
  • Use of Transactions
  • Use of parameterization
  • Use of the Correlation
  • Introduction to C Programming language
  • Write C Language Code Including Statements, Variables, and Functions
  • How to use the user defined functions
  • Working with Actions
  • How to Create Multiple Actions for a Web Script
  • Introduction to Script View
  • Customized Output Messages to the Replay Log
  • Introduction to the Controller Component
  • What is the scenario
  • How to create the scenarios
  • Executing & Monitoring a Scenario
  • Load Runner controller settings
  • How to run the script in controller
  • Performance Tuning
  • Introduction to the Analysis Component
  • Monitoring
  • Work with the Graphs to Display Data
  • Analysis Reports & Results
  • Conclusion

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