Ruby Cucumber Watir RSpec Capybara Training

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Excel in automation testing with behavior-driven development, test-driven development, and acceptance testing.

Learn to build a complete framework using Ruby Watir Cucumber RSpec and Capybara . This hands on Ruby Watir Cucumber RSpec Capybara testing course provides an introduction to BDD acceptance testing using the Ruby language with Ruby Watir Cucumber RSpec Capybara. Apart from topics like Watir Cucumber RSpec Capybara you will also Learn the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language as well as Rails.

Whether you are just getting started with BDD or an experience software tester, this course will teach you everything that you need from a testers perspective as how to automate and write excellent scripts using Ruby Cucumber RSpec with Watir and Capybara, right from setting up with installations to creating automated scripts using everything as discussed below.


Day 1 - Introduction to Ruby

Day 2 - Watir Testing Framework

Day 3 - Advanced Item Locators

Day 4 - RSpec Framework

Day 5 - Page Object Model

Day 6 - Data-Driven Testing

Day 7 - BDD and Gherkin Feature Files

Day 8 - Cucumber with Capybara

Ruby Cucumber Watir RSpec Capybara

Live Training $499 | Video Only: $399

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Topics Covered

  • Ruby Essentials
  • Introduction to Ruby
  • Install Ruby
  • Understand the Ruby language syntax
  • Use the Interactive Ruby shell (irb)
  • Understand Ruby data types
  • Perform string and mathematical operations in Ruby
  • Use conditionals and loops
  • Use the array and hash data structures
  • Organize code with classes and methods
  • Handle exceptions
  • Use Embedded Ruby (ERB)
  • Introduction to Watir
  • Testing a web app using Ruby and Watir
  • Creating a data-driven test in Ruby using
  • Spreadsheet/Roo
  • Basic Language Elements
  • Ruby Operators
  • Ruby Control Statements
  • Ruby Access Modifiers
  • Classes and Objects
  • Ruby Constructors
  • Object Serialization
  • Ruby Class Inheritance
  • Object Type Casting
  • Abstract class and Interface
  • Ruby Method Overriding
  • Ruby arrays and hashes
  • Ruby Exceptions
  • Gem
  • Ruby on Rails Introduction
  • BDD with Ruby on Rails & Cucumber
  • Install cucumber
  • Set up the application
  • what are features and scenarios and steps
  • Describe a feature
  • Execute the feature and Watch it fail
  • Debugging
  • Write the code to make it pass
  • What is RSpec?
  • RSpec with Cucumber?
  • Introduction to Capybara
  • Capybara Installation
  • Testing Web application functionality with Capybara
  • what is Factory Girl?
  • Best BDD practices
  • Review what we learned!
  • Conclusion

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