Job Placements

Congratulations on completing our courses. Now it's time to make money!

As you near the completion of your course with, we will be pleased to continue our service helping you with your job placement.

We understand you might have your own connections and resources that may help you find a job, but we would humbly request that you to consider us. We ask you for 2 weeks as we will be putting in our sincere efforts to find a good placement for you.

To increase your chances of being a marketable candidate and finding a suitable placement, we recommend taking at least two courses with one being Web Service Testing. As a special bonus, TrainingRite will give you a $1,000 BONUS after 6 months of continuous employement with our registered affiliate!

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Let's Work Together


You must successful complete at least two courses with us and complete all the class assignments. Then give us 10 business days for our team. To expedite the process, be open to the possibility of relocating.


We will help you in your resume preparation and perform mock interviews. Our placemenets division will work diligently and quickly with our affiliate to place you in the most suitable situation for your situation.

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