Mobile Apps Automated Testing Training

ADVANCED COURSE Live: $349 | Video Only: $249

Grow with the industry and learn to create automated tests for mobile apps on any device with any platform

Mobile Apps continue to be a very BIG thing and an increasingly growing industry. Everything around us will have a mobile app - our cars, our flights, our watches, our glasses - you name it. Mobile Apps Automated Testing will be in HUGE demand. Learn it now and be ready for that HOT market.

TrainingRite offers mobile automated testing training using Selenium, Robotium, MonkeyTalk, Robotium, Sikuli and Ranorex with Device Anywhere and Perfecto Mobile with an overview of Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Apps & all this will be covered with 100% practical examples on REAL devices.


Day 1 - Introduction to Mobile Testing

Day 2 - Working with Android Emulator & AVDs

Day 3 - Understanding Android Framework

Day 4 - Android Testing with Ranorex

Day 5 - Overview of WebWorks SDK & Chrome Ripple

Day 6 - Verifying Data on SQLite Database

Day 7 - Testing Web Applications on Mobile Devices

Day 8 - Using JUnit and Robotium

Mobile Apps Testing

Live Training $349 | Video Only: $249

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Topics Covered

  • What is Mobile Testing?
  • How is Mobile Testing different from Web Testing?
  • What is Android Emulator and IPhone Simulator
  • Setting up Android SDK
  • Setting up Eclipse Android ADT Plugin
  • Setting up Android Virtual Devices
  • Android Versions and SDKS
  • Types of Android AVDs
  • Architecture Overview
  • Application Life Cycle Management
  • Application Components
  • Using Resources
  • Activities
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Native Apps
  • The Android Debug Bridge (adb) and the Android Emulator Console
  • Installing and Uninstalling Apps
  • Copying Files to and from the Emulator/Device
  • Issuing Shell Commands on the Emulator/Device
  • Viewing the System Log with adb logcat
  • Emulator Runtime Images: User Data and SD Card
  • Overview of BlackBerry 10
  • WebWorks SDK & the Chrome Ripple emulator
  • Overview of Appcelerator Titanium, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Apps Testing using Device Anywhere and Perfecto Mobile
  • Automated Testing using Selenium, Robotium, and Ranorex
  • SQLite on Android
  • SQL Basics
  • Database Connectivity
  • Data Binding
  • Using ContentProvider
  • Implementing ContentProvider
  • What is HTML5
  • Mobile Browser Compability
  • Testing Strategy
  • Testing Steps
  • Industry Tools for Web Application Testing on Mobile Devices
  • Android Test Projects
  • Android Test Case Classes
  • Additional Android Assertions
  • Mock Object Classes
  • Touch and Key Events
  • Testing and Threading Issues
  • Getting Started with JUnit
  • Creating JUnit Test Cases
  • Assertions
  • Testing for Exceptions
  • Test Fixtures
  • Test Suites
  • Data Driven Mobile App Testing
  • Running Tests and Reporting With ANT
  • Best practices while developing framework
  • Minimum of three Applications will be tested as a part of our learning Mobile Automated Software Testing Course
  • Exercises & Assignments

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