SoapUI / ReadyAPI Web Service Testing Training

ADVANCED COURSE Live: $349 | Video Only: $249

Learning how to test the ever-growing presence of web services with Groovy scripting and SmartBear automated testing software.

Getting started with testing a new application is always a challenge and if that is not enough what if you have to test the cutting-edge technology of SOA Web Services, how will you do it?No worries, open-source SoapUI tool along with SoapUI Pro is the answer.Web Service Software testing APIs is a specialized skillset requiring a good understanding of XML, WSDL, Web Services and other technologies, it’s a skill that more and more testers need to understand. In today’s software applications connectivity via Web services API’s is more critical than ever and companies understand the significance of successful web service testing is critical to the success of their products and services. For YOU the Automation QA engineer, this demands learning new skillset.

One of the most popular tools for software testing APIs is SoapUI. Our SoapUI course illustrates the most important concepts of web service testing, we shall cover everything as how soapUI can be used as a starting point answering your challenge of knowing and testing SOA application; we will be creating the SoapUI project, running the included MockService and master as how to create tests getting ourselves familiarize with the soapUI interface, and then gradually move on to the advanced topics of the soapUI Project like scripting using Groovy code.


Day 1 - Introduction to Web Services & Preparing the Environment

Day 2 - Creating TestSuites, TestCases, Test Steps

Day 3 - Learning Groovy Language

Day 4 - Data-Driven Testing with .CSV and Excel

Day 5 - SoapUI Pro Version Test Steps

Day 6 - CDATA and Event Handlers

Day 7 - REST Service API Testing & Load Testing

Day 8 - Test Results & Reporting, JasperReports

SoapUI / ReadyAPI Web Service Testing

Live Training $349 | Video Only: $249

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Topics Covered

  • Testing Web Services with SoapUI
  • An Introduction to SoapUI
  • Installing SoapUI
  • Installing a Local Web Service
  • Testing Web Services with SoapUI
  • Creating TestSuites, TestCases and TestSteps
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Parameterization of Data (TextFile, Excel & DataBase)
  • DataSource, DataSourceLoop, DataSink Test Steps
  • JDBC Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Parameterization of Response and Assertion Testing
  • Groovy, Groovy, Groovy...
  • Learn to incorporate Groovy language into your tests
  • Writing Scripts using Groovy Code
  • Creating Mock Services
  • What is CDATA and why we use CDATA in SoapUI
  • Create Event Handlers in SoapUI
  • REST Service API Testing using SoapUI
  • Load-Testing with SoapUI
  • Running SoapUI from the Command Line
  • Integration with external tools SoapUI & Eclipse
  • Analyzing test results with SoapUI Reporting
  • Customizing SoapUI Reports
  • Learning JasperReports Templates

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