Student Practicum

Give your students real world application to learning software development

Move your students beyond theory and into practical solutions.

Your students will learn to develop real-world test cases on web applications like an eCommerce shopping cart, booking reservation, and user registrations and log-in.

As educators, your challenge is to help students not just grasp concepts but also put it into practice. By inviting TrainingRite into your classroom, we can help guide students through practical challenges faced in today's fast-paced software development environment.

We can take your classroom through the essential training in understanding the IT environment - learning the concept of software development and software testing. Then we will teach them some basic tools in automation testing and have hands-on practice with building real test cases.

Our experienced and friendly team of trainers are excited to work with young people and help mentor this next generation of opportunity. TrainingRite has quality faculty ready and willing to implement an exciting curriculum built from the ground up.

Education / Practicum Training

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