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This Unix for testers course have been designed to take a tester from the very basics of using UNIX to being proficient in the advanced functions of UNIX, you will learn features of UNIX that are most useful to new users, as well as performing basic system administration and process management tasks. Basic features discussed include logging in and out, file and folder creation, becoming familiar with most important UNIX commands that are needed for a tester to perform his/her daily routines. UNIX shells – Bourne, Korn, and C – are presented, including a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages, and writing basic shell programs that include repetitions, conditional statements, and functions. Few system administration tasks are discussed, for instance as how to move files across platforms using FTP protocol, managing file systems, user accounts. Advanced topics covered will make you aware of how to start and kill programs

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to UNIX
  • The File System
  • Processing Commands
  • Some Utility Programs
  • Describe the three standard versions of UNIX
  • Log in and log out of a UNIX system
  • Work with directories and files
  • Display and change file permissions
  • Enter a command with arguments
  • Monitor processes with ps
  • Kill processes
  • Conclusion

What you’ll learn:

Unix Training for Testers – Video Course

Familiar with :

Windows O/S:

Windows Professional 2000/03/08, XP, VISTA, Windows 7

Knowledge of :

Windows Explorer, DOS Commands, NotePad Editor

Understanding of Client Server & Web application is helpful

Knowledge of MS SQL Server Database ( RDBMS ) and SQL is helpful

Basic Programming ( C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Fortran, etc … ) concepts preferred but not required !


  • Duration1 Month.
  • 4 Months Videos Access. This is offered as a video course only.
  • Included in 1 Year Membership.
  • Free Unix account to practice.
  • Each Video is about 30 Minutes.

Who should attend?

  • Manual testers
  • Managers
  • Software Test Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Any aspirant testers in the making


Unix Training for Testers – Video Course

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