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Get started with Selenium, and discover how this open source tool can run on any platform, learn how to use on a wide variety of tools like Firebug, FirePath, Eclipse, JUnit4, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Server (formerly called RC Server) and the latest Selenium WebDriver along with ANT, SubVersion SVN, TortoiseSVN and Maven. In this course.

You’ll learn Java fundamentals and gain the critical skills you need to test your web applications, you’ll also create and manage a data-driven framework solution (connecting to MS SQL Server database) using JUnit4 and TestNG frameworks.

Course Agenda

  • Selenium IDE
  • Plan and create TestCases for a Shopping Cart Application
  • Record End to End Tests using Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC Server
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Prepare test environment, install Java JRE and JDK - set environment variables
  • Export Script from IDE - JUnit4 with Selenium Web Driver
  • Download and configure ECLIPSE to run Web Driver script from IDE
  • Identifying and building a basic automated test script using Selenium Web Driver
  • FireBug and FirePath - How to use these tools
  • Intro to JAVA - Enhancing basic automated test script using variables, arrays, functions
  • Building selenium framework to test an web applcation end to end using both RC Server and Web Driver
  • Error/Bug reporting in Framework
  • Automating manual test cases, controlling framework from excel file, using batch execution of multiple test classes
  • Best practices while developing framework using JUnit4 & TestNG testing frameworks
  • In-depth discussion of various annotations
  • Building Data-driven tests scripts fetching data from CSV files
  • Creating industry standard logs with Log4j and taking screen-shots
  • Configuring JDBC connections and connecting to MS SQL Server database for data parameterization of automation RC/Web Driver scripts
  • Creating Repositories for test scripts with SubVersion (SVN)
  • TortoiseSVN as a windows client tool for version control
  • Installing and Configuring Apache ANT on your machine
  • Running Scheduled Batch Test Scripts Using ANT
  • Creating excellent TestNG XSLT Reports with ANT
  • Introduction to Maven
  • Maven installation & configuration
  • Maven Archetype Build life cycle
  • Maven POM.xml
  • Maven profiles and dependency
  • Executing Selenium tests using ANT and MAVEN
  • Introduction to Page Objects
  • Building a Test Framework using Page Objects
  • Selenium GRID
  • Learn to build the Selenium GRID environment
  • Run Selenium WEB Driver scripts in parallel using Selenium Grid!
  • Cucumber - What it is? How can we use it with Selenium Web Driver
  • Complete 2 hour real life project on BDD Testing: Cucumber with Selenium


COMBO Training Selenium JAVA and C#.NET

Online Selenium (JAVA + C#.NET) Software Testing Course


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What you’ll learn:

Online Selenium Testing Course

Familiar with :

Windows O/S:

Windows Professional 2000/03/08, XP, VISTA, Windows 7

Knowledge of :

Windows Explorer, DOS Commands, NotePad Editor

Understanding of Client Server & Web application is helpful

Knowledge of MS SQL Server Database ( RDBMS ) and SQL is helpful

Basic Programming ( C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Fortran, etc … ) concepts preferred but not required !


  • Duration1 Month
  • One month of live online Training.
  • Many hours of offline recorded video Training.
  • Live Sessions Plus 12 Months Videos Access.
  • 8.00 PM EST Each Session 120 Minutes.

Who should attend?

  • Manual testers
  • Managers
  • Software Test Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Any aspirant testers in the making