Hello to all aspirant candidates, automated software testing training - placements

As you near the completion of your course at, we request you to give us a chance to help with your “PLACEMENT”. We understand you might have your own connections and resources that may help you find a job, but we at TrainingRite would humbly request you to consider us. We ask you for a 3 weeks “exclusivity” (meaning as we will be putting our sincere efforts in finding a position for you and in return we want you to give us 10 business days exclusively to us and not look around during those first 10 days on your own or with any other company, if nothing, we request this in fairness to our best efforts in trying to find a position for you).

We will be spending our time and resources to find the best opportunity suitable for you and promise to leave no stone unturned in this effort.

We suggest you complete at-least 2 “core” courses and for better chances, Please make sure you try and have SoapUI WEB SERVICE TESTING knowledge under your belt, from our research we find the knowledge of web service testing could turn out to be the deal maker for your testing career.

To be considered for placements through, here are the steps to follow:

  1. You must have successfully completed at-least 2 or more core courses through us (unless in special cases where you already have 2-3 years of “solid” experience)
  2. Mandatory completion of ASSIGNMENTS
  3. Giving us 18+ business day “EXCLUSIVITY”
  4. Being open to the idea of relocation (as this will expedite the hiring/placement process)

  1. We will help you in resume preparation.
  2. Our Placement division will interview you to gauge where you stand with our mock-interviews and make our recommendations and may or may not consider you fit for placement till you complete suggested recommendations
  3. TrainingRite along with our affiliates will work diligently on your case to help expedite your placement.
  4. will give a BONUS of $1000 after 6 months of continuous employment with our or any of our registered affiliates/ partners.

After you complete your training, Please forward your resumes to

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to work with you for all your placement needs.