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Our Coded UI and Seleniun Testing with C#.NET and .NET Framework 4.5 Courses are carefully designed by industry experts to take intelligent,and motivated applicants like you and provide them with an intense integrated program which will not only enhanced your knowledge but will take you way ahead improving your skills necessary for today’s job market.

In this course you’ll learn how to build frameworks perform functional testing using MTM and CodedUI tools; you’ll learn how to quickly create and execute tests and record the results with log files and video; and create bugs directly from tests, ensuring reproducibility. Together, Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, Visual Studio Test Professional 2013, Lab Management 2013, and Team Foundation Server offer Microsoft developers the most sophisticated, well-integrated testing solution.

Learn and master the HOTTEST testing tools being used in the industry, MTM and CodedUI is the next big thing in automated testing, you’ll learn right from the beginning and master how to write create test cases, and perform functional and load testing and finally learn to publish test results to Team Foundation Server.

Course Agenda

  • Creating test settings, structuring test cases, and managing the testing process
  • Understand the different types of tests supported by Visual Studio
  • Learning about how to create, organize, and run tests
  • Executing manual tests with Microsoft Test Manager and Test Runner
  • Filing and resolving bugs, and customizing your bug reporting process
  • Automating test cases using CodedUI and linking automated tests with requirements
  • Executing automated test cases through both Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager
  • Integrating automated testing into the build process and lot more……

    Overview of Visual Studio Test Professional
    • Overview of Test Planning
    • Process Templates
    • Introduction to Microsoft Test Manager
    • Activities of Microsoft Test Manager – Testing Center
    • Starting Microsoft Test Manager
    • Selecting a Test Plan
    • Creation of Test Case
    • Test Plan Contents
    • Creating Test Suites in the Test Plan
    • Introduction to Test Execution by using MTM
    • Actionable Bug
    • Executing a Test Manually and Filing a Bug
    • View Test Run Results
    • Using Shared Steps
    • Test Plan Manager
    • Diagnostic Data Adapters
    • Non-default Test Settings and Test Run with Options
    • Bug Ping Pong, Eliminate “No-Repro scenarios”
    • Verifying & Filing RICH Defects/Bugs
    • Performing Exploratory Testing

    Team Foundation Server
    • Intro to Team Foundation Architecture
    • Intro to Team Foundation Version Control
    • Intro to Branching and Merging
    • Intro to Team Foundation Build
    • Create and Delete team projects
    • Setting Process Template
    • Create a New Work Item
    • Create a New Work Item Query
    • Modify an existing query
    • Create a New User Story
    • Add files to the Source-Control Repository
    • Introduction to TFS Dashboard with SharePoint Portal
    C# Programming: Intense Introduction
    • The Automated Testing Framework
    • Coded User Interface Testing
    • Create automated functional UI tests
    • Coded UI test from scratch
    • Coded UI test from existing action recordings
    • Create CodedUI tests from MTM manual tests
    • Record actions, Edit UI Map or Add Assertions
    • Coded UI Test Builder
    • Parameterized Coded UI Tests
    • Creating a Data-Driven Test
    • Maintaining Coded UI Tests
    • Executing Automated Test Cases
    • In MTM, from Visual Studio, from the Command Line & with Team Build
    • Enhanced Assertion Reporting
    • Run the tests and collect data by using the default diagnostic data adapters.
    • Understanding the Reporting Structure
    • Built-In Reports
    • Excel Services Reports (Dashboards)
    • Reporting with Microsoft Excel



    Online TFS MTM CodedUI with C#.NET Testing Course

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    What you’ll learn:

    TFS MTM CodedUI with C# Programming Software Testing Course

    Familiar with :

    Windows O/S:

    Windows Professional 2000/03/08, XP, VISTA, Windows 7

    Knowledge of :

    Windows Explorer, DOS Commands, NotePad Editor

    Understanding of Client Server & Web application is helpful

    Knowledge of MS SQL Server Database ( RDBMS ) and SQL is helpful

    Basic Programming ( C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Fortran, etc … ) concepts preferred but not required !


    • Duration1 Month
    • One month of live online Training.
    • Many hours of offline recorded video Training.
    • Live Sessions Plus 12 Months Videos Access.
    • 8.00 PM EST Each Session 120 Minutes.

    Who should attend?

    • Manual testers
    • Managers
    • Software Test Engineers
    • System Administrators
    • Any aspirant testers in the making