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In this course, you’ll learn advanced level VB Scripting and gain the critical skills you need to test your web applications, you’ll also create, manage and customize data-driven, Keyword and Hybrid framework solution. We will cover both QTP 10 and UFT 12.51

Learn and master automation testing tools using the HOTTEST tool in the industry today, you’ll learn right from the beginning and master how to write test cases, test plans, perform parametrization of test data by connecting to external data source like XML data document/excel sheets and databases. Don’t let this valuable opportunity pass you by.

Course Agenda

  • Quick Intro to QTP UFT 12.51
  • Recording and Running Tests
  • Enhanced Reporting with Results viewer, pie charts, summary page
  • Interacting with modern Web 2.0 GUI/RIA interfaces
  • Identifying Objects using XPath and CSS
  • Insight – Image-Based Object Identification
  • Testing Flex, Silverlight applications with Add-in.
  • Testing Windows Presentation Foundation WPF with XAML
  • Ajax Toolkits, Dojo, GWT and more
  • Service Test: Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture SOA
  • Web Service Application Programming Interface API Testing
  • Introduction to Extensible Toolbox, Workbench & Property Sheet window
  • Advanced Descriptive Programming
  • Automation Object Model (AOM)
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Enhanced Debugging Features
  • Automation Framework Development ( Application Independent)
  • Developing Driver Script
  • Writing Functions for your Keywords
  • Data Driven framework /Keyword Driven Framework Development and Hybrid Framework
  • Exentsive VBScripting.
  • Advanced Regular Expressions.
  • Customize Reporting.
  • Emailing Automation Framework results using microsoft outlook or any email system
  • Best practices while developing framework
  • Business Process Testing
  • Quality Center Integration
  • Leveraging QC's new features A minimum of three (3) Applications will be tested as a part of our learning Advanced QTP.



Advanced QTP UFT 12.51 & Frameworks Training

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What you’ll learn:

Automated Software Testing: QTP 10/11 & UFT 12.51

Familiar with :

Windows O/S:

Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7/8

Knowledge of :

Windows Explorer, DOS Commands, NotePad Editor

Understanding of Manual testing is required

Understanding of Client Server & Web application is helpful

Knowledge of MS SQL Server Database ( RDBMS ) and SQL is helpful

Basic Programming ( C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Fortran, etc … ) concepts/skills preferred but not required!


  • Duration1 Month
  • One month of live online Training.
  • Many hours of offline recorded video Training.
  • Live Sessions Plus 12 Months Videos Access.
  • Each Session 120 Minutes.

Who should attend?

  • Manual testers
  • Managers
  • Software Test Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Any aspirant testers in the making